10 Things You Need to Go Camping with Your Dog

10 Things You Need to Go Camping with Your Dog

Camping can be a fun and enriching bonding experience with your dog! Here are 10 things you need (or need to know) to be prepared for the best camping adventure with your best friend.

1. A camping stake and tether.

Almost all campsites will have a rule about keeping your dog on lead - but how annoying would it be to have to hold onto your dog’s lead all the time, leaving no hands free or setting up or cooking! Camping stakes are available to purchase at most outdoor shops, pet shops, and sometimes even bargain stores! Our favourite tether is the Twiggy Tags TrailFinder Multi-Way Lead, this has locking clips on each end to attach to the tether and your dog, and it’s so versatile you can turn it into a normal or hands-free lead for your adventures too.

2. A tent that’s big enough for you and your pooch.

You’d think it goes without saying - but you’d be surprised how much room even a little dog can take up! For a small-medium sized dog, we recommend sizing up your tent for 1 extra person, and a giant breed may even need a tent with multiple rooms! 2 man tent = 1 human + 1 dog, 3 man tent = 2 humans + 1 dog, and so on!

3. A Rylo for an on-the-go food bowl and enrichment in one!

Paws In Earnest Rylo is the perfect way to feed your dog when you’re camping. This innovative treat toy fits an entire meal for most dogs of wet food or kibble, it’s portable and easy to clean and doubles up as enrichment for your dog. Camping can be a new and overwhelming experience for lots of dogs, so the extra time to eat out of the Rylo can help calm them and encourage settling in the evening.

4. Suitable food.

On the topic of dinner time, most campsites are unlikely to have a set up to keep your dog’s food frozen or refrigerated. If your dog normally eats raw food or fresh food, it’s worth looking into kibble or wet food options that won’t upset your dog’s tummy while you’re away! 

5. Extra blankets, jumpers, and everything for warmth.

There’s a big difference between your dog running around outside in the cold and spending hours still in cold weather. Even in summer, as the sun sets and it starts to get dark, tethered and resting outside a tent can mean your dog will start to get chilly. Consider investing in some jumpers for your dog, or extra blankets to bundle them up in when/if the weather changes. We recommend extra layers even if your dog is usually quite adaptable to cold weather just in case, but this is more important for breeds who are prone to run quite cold, such as Great Danes or Whippets.

6. Something that smells familiar.

Though you as your dog’s owner do count as something familiar, sometimes if you’re taking your dog camping for the first time, they’ll need something physical that they’re familiar with to help them settle, especially through the night. If your dog’s bed is easy to transport, this is the easiest option, but a favourite soft toy or blanket can be ideal too. 

7. Safety lights or light-up accessories.

Camping means your dog will spend a lot of time in an unfamiliar place even when it’s dark outside. For peace of mind, we recommend using a safety light or a light-up collar on your dog, so you always know where they are at any time. Especially if your dog is dark coloured, they can almost disappear at night sometimes! Twiggy Tags TrekBright collection have water resistant and rechargeable options.

8. A high-absorbency towel… or two!

Especially in our beloved British weather, you really, really need a good towel! If you’re camping by the beach, you’ll need a few more than two!

9. First Aid Kit.

You’d never go camping without a first aid kit for you, so make sure you pack one for your dog too! Dog first aid kits contain similar items to a human one such as bandages, eye wash etc, but also contain dog-specific items like vet wrap and tick removers. 

10. Loads of poo bags!

This is something you really can’t bring enough of. There is nothing worse as a dog owner than being caught short right when your dog takes a poo in the middle of a busy path in a nice touristy area. Make sure you have pockets full of poo bags while camping. Some camping sites have eco-friendly policies in place, so we recommend choosing a compostable poo bag like Twiggy Tags Compostable Poop Bags.

Though ticking off a checklist when packing will keep you prepared and ready for your camping adventures, the most important part of getting ready to go camping with your dog is to spend time ensuring your dog will be comfortable in the unusual environment and preparing them for the trip away.

We recommend setting up your tent in your garden at least a month before your camping trip. Spend time encouraging your dog in and out the tent, and giving them lots of rewards for spending time in there. Depending on how quickly your dog adapts to this, and how comfortable they are in the tent will dictate how many times you should do this to get them prepared.

If needed, you can even do a practice night in your garden so see how well they are able to settle and sleep. Keeping our dogs as comfortable and safe as possible is the biggest priority when taking them camping. 

Guest blog written by Laura McElroy

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