RECIPE: Fur-tastic Toppl Inspired by Riley & Peggy - @riley_and_peggy_adventures

RECIPE: Fur-tastic Toppl Inspired by Riley & Peggy - @riley_and_peggy_adventures


  • Kibble

  • Beef Pate

  • Apple Puree

  • Raw Carrots

  • 1 x Rabbit ear


  • Start by making the apple purée: peel & chop an apple, place in a pan with enough water just to cover the top and slowly boil down to simmer for 15-20 minutes, drain and mash the apples together

  • Either soak in some water or slightly wet the kibble. Pour one portion of your dog’s daily allowance of kibble into the enrichment toy.

  • Top with one tablespoon of Beef Pate (you can use any flavour). Push it slightly down to compact it together.

  • To decorate add 2 x teaspoons of apple purée on to the top of the pate. Cut your raw carrots into a baton (long) shape and push up right into the purée and pate.

  • To finish, also place a fluffy rabbit ear into the pate, leaving most of the ear above the pate.

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