Rylo - What do you really think?

Rylo - What do you really think?

As the creator of the Rylo, of course we are biased about how great we think it is; so we asked what YOU think and your favourite ways to use Rylo to share some inspiration!


@riley_peggy_adventures have summed Rylo up perfectly..



Robust. Yummy Treat. Leak Free. Optimum Enrichment.

Our favourite ingredients in our Rylo are; adding a handlful of our kibble in one section, our Raw food in the second section and puréed spinach and carrot into the third. Usually topped with diced cucumber!

The three sections gives you ease of filling, the choice of adding a variety of foods; hard, soft & liquid with no spills! Also adding some challenge for you dog at getting into all three sections! Resulting in brain enrichment for your dog.

We just love RYLO!

@thelezzasandtheirfloofs said Rylo is one of the best things they own. Incredible design and the perfect enrichment!

@archie.with.the.brows' favourite way to use Rylo is popping Archie's cold pressed food straight into Rylo with some hot water to smoosh it up! They called it 'the game changer of enrichment toys'.

@bruno_instadog said that the Rylo is amazing. It's quick and easy to fill and clean, and Bruno loves it!

If this lovely lot have managed to convince you - you can buy a Rylo here!

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