The Story Behind Rylo

The Story Behind Rylo

Benefits of the rylo.  A graphic showing the benefits. Fill, Freeze & Play. Rylo is easy to fill and a fun interactive toy for your dog. Dishwasher safe & Freezer safe.

Here’s how I turned my frustration with existing dog enrichment feeder toys into an opportunity to create something truly special: Rylo, the ultimate enrichment toy for our beloved dogs. 

The Frustration That Started It All

Like many dog mamas, I've tried countless enrichment toys for my dog, Marty. While a-lot were fun, they often left a mess of treats and bits all over the kitchen and were difficult to fill. Sound familiar? I knew there had to be a better way.

It started with the Stopple

That's when the idea for the Stopple was born. My original design aimed to tackle the mess that came with most fillable toys. I wanted something that was easy to clean and didn't turn playtime into a cleanup marathon. Think a plug and stand for feeder toys. 

Going Viral: A Sign From the Dogiverse?

To my surprise, when we shared the Stopple on our social media, it went viral! Dog owners from all over the world wanted it, sharing their own frustrations and experiences. It became clear that I wasn't the only one looking for a solution.

A Long-Haul Flight led to a Lightbulb Moment

Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected times, and for us, it happened during a long-haul flight. The vision for Rylo started to take shape: what if we could create a mess-free, water-tight, and safe enrichment toy with an air hole, designed to keep dogs engaged and happy? 

The original sketch of the concept - This was drawn on the long haul flight!

Late Nights and 3D Printing: Crafting the Perfect Toy

My husband and I spent countless evenings after work refining the design for Rylo. Even when I went on holiday to Turkey in March 2023 we had countless video calls tweaking the design. The central tube emerged as a game-changer, ensuring the toy was leak-free and, most importantly, safe. With the help of our 3D printer and Marty as our chief tester, we experimented with various designs until we found the perfect one.

From Pizza box to Production: Finalising the Design and Packaging

Using an old pizza box, I cut out my initial idea for the packaging. I wanted something that was able to be hung up or sat on a shelf as well as being eye catching and clear on the benefits of Rylo. It took us many attempts to get it to where it is today.

Power in numbers

After many tests and tweaks, we were ready to share Rylo with a select group of friends and reps for real-world testing. Their feedback was invaluable and helped us make some final adjustments before sending our design to the factory for the official prototype.

The Big Launch: Introducing Rylo to the World

With the final product in our hands, we were finally ready to announce Rylo to the world. It's been an incredible journey from a simple idea born out of frustration to creating a product that makes playtime fun, safe, and mess-free for dogs everywhere.


And there you have it! That's the story of how Rylo came to be. Each product we make has hundreds if not thousands of hours spent making sure its perfect. So much love and attention goes into creating the products and I hope you love the latest addition, the Rylo. 

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